Grand Assembly of the World St. Peterburgians' Club - State Hermitage Museum Official Hotel in St Petersburg


Grand Assembly of the World St. Peterburgians’ Club

Grand Assembly of the World St. Peterburgians’ Club, dedicated to the 24th anniversary of the Club’s foundation this time took place at the Hermitage hotel – the Official Hotel of the Sate Hermitage Museum.

In a magnificent, splendorous hotel lobby music was playing…..

From the first moment the guests found themselves in the festive atmosphere.

In accordance with tradition the Assembly was opened by the Club’s President Mikhail Borisovich Piotrovsky. In his welcoming speech he emphasized, that the 23d birthday is a serious date, which presupposes the apprehension of the distance covered. During these years the Club became the cultural keynote of Petersburg.

The gala concert, that preceded the official part, also took place in the hotel lobby. The principal performer of the Mariinsky Theatre, the laureate of the international competitions Yuri Smekalov, the honoured actress of the Russian Federation Irina Perren, singer, the laureate of the international competitions Olga Godunova, clarinetist, the laureate of the all-Russian competitions Dmitry Kharitonov, pianist Irina Kondrasheva took part in the concert.

Then the guests proceeded to the Rossi ballroom, where the Grand meeting began. Grand Assembly of the World St. Peterburgians’ Club coincided with the days of celebration of the 70th anniversary of the lifting of the Siege of Leningrad. In his speech Mr.Piotrovsky mentioned a moral courage of the citizens of Leningrad, who managed to defend the city. He assured all the Assembly attendees that this year the Club would take an active participation in the future of the State Memorial Museum of Leningrad Defense and the Siege.

Telling about the Club’s activities during the last season, the Club’s President noticed, that the program “Round-table conference on the aesthetics of the urban environment” helps to preserve a unique outlook of the city. The international competition of the young talents “Prometheus Star” that became traditional during the last 18 years, finds more and more new talents; young researchers work relentlessly, studying the genealogy of the Petersburg families…The youth Club’s section leads an active life, realizing a volunteer program “ Petersburg in the eyes of Youth”.

The books, published within the series “The Library of the World Club of Petersburgers” were represented at the Assembly, as well as the calendar, dedicated to the 250th anniversary of the State Hermitage Hotel.

The Chairman of the Executive Board of the Club Valentina Orlova told about the new plans of the Club for 2014: participation in the campaign of the memorial construction in honor of the legendary march of the Baltic Flee from Tallinn to Kronstadt in August 1941, participation as the official partner of the International Forum in Moscow “ Sport, health, beauty and longevity” and establishment together with the publishing house “Vita Nova” and Pushkin House of a new award “Bookworm”.

Almost all the diplomatic corps, accredited in Saint-Petersburg, were present at the Assembly.

Saint-Petersburg,- said the general counsel of Korea Li Ensu,- is the center of Russian culture , and I glad that our relationships are growing strong and developing thanks in large part to World Club of Petersburgers .I have no doubts that our partnership will continue in the future.

The speech of the Head doctor of the Research and Practical Centre providing care for children affected by HIV Evgeny Evgenievich Voronin was impressive:

Thanks to the Club, the unforgettable meeting with sport representatives, members of the “Martial arts world games” took place. It was that important for our children because multiple champions, sportsmen performed for them. “In spite of ailment you can do it all”. – this message was delivered.

The member of the World St. Peterburgians’ Club, the Chairman of the Executive Board of “Saint-Petersburg Club in Moscow” Voskresensky A.K. congratulated the Club with its birthday, thanked for the long-lasting cooperation and presented a book “ Children of the Siege of Leningrad” published in Moscow.

There’s a tradition, according to which at the birthday of the Club the highest award of the World St. Peterburgians’ Club – medal “For faith and generosity” is presented. This time the chairman of the board of guardians of the World Club of Petersburgers, general director of Russian-Finnish clinic” Ava-Peter” Gleb Vladimirovich Mikhaylik was awarded.

New members of the Club were announced at the Assembly: Yuri Smekalov- the principal performer of the Mariinsky Theatre, the laureate of the international competitions and Konstantin Pakhorukov- the leader of the youth section of the World Club of Petersburgers.

 At the Von Klenz ball-room the orchestra of Petr Kortnev was performing, the guests could enjoy the jazz music concert…