First anniversary of the State Hermitage Museum Official Hotel - State Hermitage Museum Official Hotel in St Petersburg


First anniversary of the State Hermitage Museum Official Hotel

On the 3d of October 2014 the State Hermitage Museum Official Hotel in Saint-Petersburg has celebrated its first anniversary.

This day under the aegis of the World St. Peterburgians’ Club the round table meeting on the question of the urban environment aesthetics was held in the Hermitage Hotel. The discussed topic is revealed as the method of public evaluation of the town-planning, architectural and artistical redevelopment that is being conducted in Saint – Petersburg. The consolidated public evaluation in respect of the urban development is reflected in the corresponding books of the World St. Peterburgians’ Club as follows: White Book (achievements), Red Book (warning about potential losses) and Black book (mistakes and failure).

At the end of the round-table meeting the president of the club, the director of the State Hermitage Museum Mr. Piotrovskiy announced new entries made in the White, Red and Black Books. The inclusion of the Hermitage Hotel into the White Book was an outright gift to the celebration of the first anniversary. The entry was made “for the respect shown towards the existing historical urban environment when creating a new public object and reconstruction of the demolished historical listed building.”  This is a high recognition of the professional merits and perfection in the embodiment of the architectural and artistic concept of the Hermitage Hotel, the evaluation of the cautious and thoughtful approach to the cultural heritage of St Petersburg.

The gala evening was opened by the welcome speech of the general director of the State Hermitage Museum Official Hotel – Elshan Babaev. The words of gratitude were addressed to Mr. Piatrovskiy whose trust into the project and personal support played a lead role in the realization of the unique concept of the Official Hermitage Hotel. Mr. Babaev thanked sincerely the World St. Peterburgians’ Club and the chairman of the board Valentina Orlova as well all the partners, friends and colleagues of the Hotel and of the museum for their participation in the project and daily work.  Particularly Mr. Babaev expressed his gratitude to the Bank IBA-MOSCOW and its chairman of board Mr. Gadzhiev, whose support had extremely important meaning for the successful realization of the project in general.  Mr. Babaev emphasized that day by day the Hermitage Hotel is becoming more and more popular among business people and discerning tourists from all over the world that is the best positive evaluation for everyone who is connected with the project.

Mr. Piatrovskiy  and the chairman of board of the World St. Peterburgians’ Club Valentina Orlova congratulated everyone with the first successful anniversary of the Hermitage Hotel.

Friends and partners of the hotel came for the hotel’ birthday, among them the associates of the State Hermitage Museum, representatives of the business community, environmental authorities and cultural society.  A great interest in collaboration was evinced from the representatives of the tourism industry from Moscow and other Russian cities.  The representatives of the  diplomatic service accredited in Saint – Petersburg were present in the gala evening.

The gala concert of the Symphonic Government Orchestra of Saint –Petersburg was performed for the guests of the Hermitage in the Rossi ball room, which interiors are aligned with the best state rooms of the Winter Palace. The gala evening continued in the banquet room Von Klenze on the upper terrace – dainty food from the chef-cook of the Hermitage restaurants and charming jazz songs contributed to the soulful and unconstrained festive communications. Over and over again those who wanted to congratulate the Hermitage Hotel with its anniversary took the floor.   The painter Nikas Safronov said kind words full of confidence in respect of future prosperity to the hotel management and presented his picture.  The editor-in-chief of the  Russkiy Mezenat magazine Arkadiy Sosnov  dedicated a poetic panegyric to the Hermitage Hotel.

The Official Hotel encloses gratitude to the partners, friends and all those who empathizes and supports this wonderful project that bears the name of great Hermitage Museum!