Her Imperial Majesty’s Hermitage - State Hermitage Museum Official Hotel in St Petersburg


Her Imperial Majesty’s Hermitage

Her Imperial Majesty’s Hermitage exhibition is represented in the Winter Palace.

In the Nicholas state room the structure of the Hermitage and the main exhibits characteristic for the exposition of the epoch of Catherine the Great are on display. The exposition is based on the description of the imperial Hermitage published in the guidebook of Saint-Petersburg of 1794 by Johann Gottlieb Georgi.

Johann Gottlieb Georgi is a naturalist, ethnographer, chemist, mineralogist and doctor. He was born in 1729 in Prussian Pomerania and got his education in Uppsala University in Sweden. At the end of 1770 on invitation of the Imperial Academy of Sciences moved to Saint-Petersburg.

Georgi’s description of the Hermitage includes several sections: short enumeration of the empresses’ art treasures, detailed description of all the buildings and rooms of the Hermitage, description of separate sections of the collection and library. Actually, the Description by Georgi is the first systematic catalogue of the pictorial art of the Hermitage.

The current exhibition dedicated to the 250th anniversary of the Hermitage reflects the main sections of the collection of Catherine the Great. The catalogue of the exhibition contains the commented upon text of Georgi and the information about those pieces of art that are still being kept  in the Hermitage and those exhibits that in different periods of time left the collection.