Presentation of a new book by Irada Vovneko in the Hermitage Hotel - State Hermitage Museum Official Hotel in St Petersburg


Presentation of a new book by Irada Vovneko in the Hermitage Hotel

On the 20th of October the first presentation of the book Post-card by Irada Vovneko – the writer and fine art expert, the manager of the international and cultural projects of the State Museum St Isaac’s Cathedral took place in the State Hermitage Museum Official Hotel.

Being invited onstage by the master of ceremonies Alexander Malich the author has told that the readers will get to know the stories from the writer’s personal experience as well as from  her friends and acquaintances life. The book is known as Post-card because it’s “the illustration of the past, of the human soul, of our brightest and most beautiful reminiscence. It’s important to turn over the leafs of life in a courageous and open way and keep in mind that the past could not be forgotten and perhaps you can learn something from it”.

The book was represented not only by the author but by her friends as well. The merited artist of Russia, the Member of Legislative Assembly of Saint-Petersburg Anastasia Melnikova and the People’s artist of Russia, the director of the the State Museum St Isaac’s Cathedral Nikolai Burov read aloud the pages from the new book.  The merited artist of Russia Tatiana Bulanova performed for the guests her songs “Белая ночь” (White night) and “Нежность” (Tenderness) that was devoted to the author of the book. The merited artist of Russia Eugenia Igumnova declaimed the monologue from the  tragedy Romeo and Juliet.  The distinguished artist of the Russian Federation Nikas Safronov came to Saint-Petersburg specially to attend the book’s presentation. His picture is used in the book design and it’s not his first collaborative work with the author.

Welcoming and congratulating the author with the new book the vice-governor of Saint-Petersburg Alexander Govorunov noticed how important it is sometimes to have rest and take a book. The general director of the State Hermitage Museum Official Hotel Elshan Babaev welcomed the author and the guests, mentioning that he is very glad that exactly the State Hermitage Museum Official Hotel was chosen for the first public book’s presentation, emphasizing that the hotel is becoming more noticeable area for the cultural life of Saint-Petersburg where the meeting with talented musicians, painters and writers take place. Oleg Sedov – the general director of the Amfora publishing company that put forth a new book of Irada Vovneko and wished her not to be complacent.

The book’s presentation aroused much interest of the Saint-Petersburg public. In the Rossi ball room where the presentation took place was a capacity crowd.  The representatives of the mass media came to cover the event.

The event continued in the Von Klenze banquet hall on the upper terrace: exquisite dishes from the chief cook of the Hermitage restaurants and charming jazz compositions contributed to the hearty and unconstrained communication. The guests were given a unique possibility to get the book of Irada Vovneko with dedication and personal signature of the author.