The State Hermitage Museum Official Hotel has confirmed its status - State Hermitage Museum Official Hotel in St Petersburg


The State Hermitage Museum Official Hotel has confirmed its status

On the 4th of December prior to the 250th anniversary of The State Hermitage Museum the gala reception “On the eve of the anniversary” dedicated to the momentous events took place at the State Hermitage Museum Official Hotel.

The first bilingual edition of the almanac Russian Maecenas/Русский Меценат  was issued in Russia and Great Britain at the same time and was dedicated to the history of cooperation and modern projects  of two countries in the cultural, art and business sphere.  The general director of The State Hermitage Museum a permanent partner of Russian MaecenasMr. Piotrovskiy has emphasized the importance of the fact that from now on the almanac speaks English about the charity in the cultural sphere.

One of the remarkable cultural events of the reception was the presentation of the prestigious international prize – European Property Awards that was awarded to the State Hermitage Museum Official Hotel in the category Best Hotel Interior Russia that was announced at the gala dinner in London.

The highest level and the quality of the Hermitage Hotel were also confirmed by the State Classification System of Russian Federation. The head of the tourism development committee of Saint-Petersburg Inna Shalyto has bestowed the Classification certificate in the category 5-star to the Hermitage Hotel.  The World St. Peterburgians’ Club represented by its President Mr Piotrovskiy awarded The State Hermitage Museum Official Hotel with the Conformance mark for the respect shown towards the existing historical urban environment when creating a new public object and reconstruction of the demolished historical listed building in the category The development of  Saint-Petersburg traditions of the architecturally artistic solutions of public space. Historical object’s new feature. Exactly with this characterization the Hermitage Hotel was included into the White Book of the World St. Peterburgians’ Club. The professional regalia of the Hermitage Hotel are the primary constituents of the status of the official hotel of the world-known museum and the pledge of the tourist attractiveness of Saint-Petersburg. 


  • The International Property Awards were founded in 1995 and at the present time are one of the most authoritative awards in the sphere of the residential and commercial property.  The awards are split into 10 regions in 4 categories – Architecture, Development, Interior Design and Real Estate.  The highly experienced jury consisting of 70 international experts identifies the best projects. Among the experts  there are the President of The British Institute of Interior Design Sue Timney , Editor-in-Chief of the International Property Magazine Helen Shield, Director of Operations British Property Federation Andrew  Panting. The International Property Awards is one of the most prestigious and honoured awards in the professional community.
  • The State Classification of the hotels enacted in the Russian Federation is intended to improve the quality of the touristic industry in Russia that is necessary for the requirements satisfaction of the modern travelers. The classification system of the hotels and other lodging properties foresees the specific description of norms and criteria according to which the property is given the corresponded category. The presence of “stars” enables the obtainment of services, facilities and   customer service of the assurance level. Within the classification procedure the hotel is being evaluated against system requirements, the hotel room capacity in accordance with the requirements of the rooms’ categories and for the first time the personnel qualification requirements and personnel assessment criteria are being estimated within the system. The expert evaluation is based on the set of requirements and criteria of numerical score. It’s worth mentioning that at the given moment this procedure has a voluntary nature as well as that the number of norms applied to the Russian classification system has exclusive requirements in comparison with the standards of the foreign hotel operators. Taking into account stated above at the present day only a few hotels got the 5 star certificates and a lot of the hotels working under famous international hotel brands still didn’t get the corresponded category of the Russian classification system.
  • The program of the World St. Peterburgians’ Club The round table meeting on the question of the urban environment aesthetics  is a method of social estimation of the town-planning, architectural, artistic and accomplishment activities in Saint-Petersburg . The consolidated public evaluation in respect of the urban development is reflected in the corresponding books of the World St. Peterburgians’ Club as follows: White Book(achievements), Red Book (warning about potential losses) and Black book (mistakes and failure). The inclusion of the Hermitage hotel into the White Book is a high recognition of the professional merits and perfection in the embodiment of the architectural and artistic concept of the Hermitage Hotel, the evaluation of the cautious and thoughtful approach to the cultural heritage of St Petersburg.