The New Year’s Ball has faded away - State Hermitage Museum Official Hotel in St Petersburg


The New Year’s Ball has faded away

More than hundred of guests from Saint-Petersburg and other Russian cities as well as the guests from the countries across the world joined the New Years’ Ball in the State Hermitage Museum Official Hotel in the year of the 250th anniversary of the State Hermitage and celebrated the New Year festival in the warmly welcoming hotel together with their friends and families. The friends and the management of the Hermitage Hotel and the workers of the worldwide renowned museum also saw in the New Year together. The director of the State Hermitage Museum Mr. Piotrovskiy and his family were among the distinguished guests of the New Year’s Ball.

All the floors and rooms threw the doors open for the Guests of the New Year’s Ball. In the state room of the Hermitage Hotel the festal dinner from the chef-cook Nikolai Khvalynskiy was served. The dinner was accompanied by the New Year pot-pourri From opera to cabaret show:  classic opera, masterpieces of the operetta – Mozart, Rossini, Verdi, Kalman performed by the leading artists of the Mariinskiy and Mikhailovskiy theaters, ballet Bise Lizu and ethno ballet. The program was developed by the honored artist of Russia Elena Gaudasinskaya.  At the end of the program the Drinking song by Giuseppe Verdi  from the opera La Traviata was performed.

After the chime of bells the New Year’s ball was opened by the romantic waltz   by Georgiy  Sviridov Snowstorm in the Rossi ball room. The professional dance couples – the laureates of international competitions – invited the guests to the world of waltz, polonaise and quadrille. Both experienced and amateur dancers poussetted devotedly, the orchestra sounded festively and movingly, men invited flustered ladies to dance.

On the upper floor of the Hermitage Hotel in the Von Klenze room the whole night the modern music was playing, drinks and desserts were served, toasts to the coming New Year, kindness and prosperity were given.