New-Years’ masquerade “Imperial entertainments” - State Hermitage Museum Official Hotel in St Petersburg


New-Years’ masquerade “Imperial entertainments”

The State Hermitage Museum Official Hotel invites you to join the New Years’ masquerade in the best traditions of Russian Imperial Court.

You will welcome the most miraculous night of the Year in a high society, feeling like a Court lady or a nobleman.


An unforgettable new year’s program with participation of artists of the show ballet ‘Premier’; will take place at the stateroom of the Hermitage Hotel. Bright and lively performances will create a holiday atmosphere.

‘New Year’s medley’ electric violin virtuoso Maria Bessonova, ‘Music of Kings’ on crystal glasses, fantastic magic show and secrets of equilibristic – will make a new year’s night really magical.

Guests will be invited to an exquisite dinner for the connoisseurs of Haute cuisine.


New year’s ball in the Rossi stateroom – ball dresses of ladies and elegance of gentlemen, exquisite interiors and aristocratic luxury. The Ball will be opened by professional dance couples – prize winners of international competitions, drawing guests into a charming atmosphere of the old-time dances.


The musical compositions of past centuries gradually will be replaced by the modern ones. World hits performed live smoothly and imperceptibly turn into a disco dance floor of the XXI century. World hits performed live smoothly and imperceptibly will turn the dance floor into a disco of the XXI century.

The masquerade at the State Hermitage Museum official Hotel is the festive where modernity meets old traditions in a harmonic way.

Welcome cocktail: 21.00

The beginning of the festive program: 22.00

Age restriction: 6+

The master of ceremonies – dramatic actor and entertainer Andrey Hamidulin, included in the «TOP13 best showmen of St. Petersburg. ‘Witty, smart and delicate.’

For questions about your ticket purchase, please contact the reservation department:

The State Hermitage Museum official Hotel

Russia, Saint-Petersburg, Pravda Street, 10

+7 812 777 98 10