“Imperial amusements” in The State Hermitage Official Hotel - State Hermitage Museum Official Hotel in St Petersburg

“Imperial amusements” in The State Hermitage Official Hotel

An exceptional New Year’s Eve with festive extravaganza was celebrated at The State Hermitage Official Hotel in St. Petersburg. The guests from more than fifteen countries and the representatives of the cultural elite of St. Petersburg were fascinated by the magic and bright colors of the New Year’s traditional show “Imperial amusements”.

The cherry on the cake of New Year’s Eve dinner was the Turkey by Count Arakcheev’s recipe especially made by Chef Vladimir Grishukov who surprised the guests with innovative culinary ideas whose roots originate from old recipes of the favorite dishes of the Russian imperial court.

The truly magical atmosphere was created by one of the best illusionists in Russia, the finalist of the TV Show “Udivi menya” (popular talented show in Russia) Maxim Kiselyov whose performance was a combination of incredible technique, manual dexterity, artistry and sparkling humor.

A semifinalist of the TV show “Minuta slavy” (popular talented show in Russia), a virtuoso Dmitry Enin, showed an unexpectedly philosophical circus act, once again proving that the harmony of the world knows no boundaries. The audience watched every movement of the maestro with bated breath.

The highlight of the evening was the famous show-ballet “Premier” whose performance turned into a real firework of colors and images. The magnificence of masks and carnival costumes combined with impeccable vocals captivated everyone who was fortunate enough to take part in this beautiful New Year’s Eve. Witty, smart and delicate Andrey Khamidulin is one of the brightest representatives of TOP13 entertainers of St.Petersburg was hosting the New Year’s Eve celebration.

The celebration continued with live music and spectacular fireworks at the Von Klenze rooftop lounge with a beautiful panoramic view of the city.