Official Car Partner

The AO “Mercedes-Benz RUS”, a Russian company with 100 percent foreign capital, was founded in December 8, 1994 as a subsidiary of the concern Daimler AG (at the time of foundation – Daimler-Benz AG) in Russia. It became the first foreign automotive company to appear on the Russian territory.

Mercedes-Benz Russia is a successful business activity in Russia for the past 17 years, by expanding the network of dealerships, as well as investing in the development of direct sales. Since 2002 is the general importer of Mercedes-Benz and Maybach.

The company of Mercedes-Benz Russia is among the hundred largest companies in Russia in terms of turnover and ranks in the top three of the largest German companies in the Russian market, and taking into account employees dealerships staff of up to 3 500 people.

In addition to successful business activity in the Russian market of Mercedes-Benz Russia consistently implements a policy of social responsibility in Russia. Participation in the improvement of social problems has been and remains one of the most important principles of the company’s activities in Russia.