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Smolensk Diamonds

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Revived  masterpieces of the goldsmiths and jewelers of the past epoch materialized in the top-quality diamonds and unique jewelry made according to the sketches of Carl Fabergé- prominent Russian jeweler-including brooches, pendants, necklaces, rings, cuff-links, that fully reflect the artistic taste of Russian nobility at the turn of the 19-20 centuries. Superlative beauty of the jewelry from the collection “Hermitage” depicts all the specific features of the Russian jewelry art. Experience the unalloyed luxury embodied in the jewelry collection, represented in our Diamond boutique.  Our collection is not limited to diamond jewelry only, also you can add to your collection magnificent replicas of the Scythian gold based on the State Hermitage originals. The Scythian gold collection of the Hermitage is classified as animal-style, showing running or fighting animals (stags, lions, tigers and so on).  Turn back to the ancient luxury together with Smolensk diamond boutique.